9 months old

My little baby is 9 months old already! She has been doing great. She has learned so much so quickly. She started to crawl, pull herself up to stand and climb the stairs.

She is Mommy’s little helper.

And she is also very mischievous now that she can crawl where she wants to go.

Her favorite thing to play is “destroyer.” She LOVES to knock books off a table, destroy towers made by blocks, pull rings off the stack, pull things out of a pile, or bang on the table while yelling loudly. She loves to explore and learn new things.

she does this everyday

Lily also loves to play the game “find the tag.” She is so good at finding the tag of every toy. It’s her favorite part of the toy itself. She loves peek-a-boo. Just today, she made a noise so I looked over at her and saw two tiny eyes poking up from the side of the couch. She had pulled up to stand on the side of the couch and wanted me to see her accomplishment. So I went over and saw a tiny face and we played peek-a-boo while she laughed. She has two bottom teeth and I think she is getting at least two more on top. She’s been extra fussy lately. :( Fussy babies are not fun. Lily likes to pull my hair and try to bite my chin. I think it’s to help with teething but it hurts! Lily now notices when Brett and I are eating and lunges at our plates to try to get a sample of food. It’s so fun to give her new foods to try. Today, she had a little bit of a grilled cheese sandwich and watermelon. What a big girl! She loves to be outside and look at everything. She is just a lot of fun!

More pictures: http://brettandsarahpeterson.com/pictures/LilyBelle/

Muir Woods

A couple weekends ago, Brett, Lily and I went to Muir Woods. We wanted to see some beautiful redwoods and we were not disappointed! Lily started the day in one outfit, but had to be changed promptly so she spent the rest of the day in her pajamas, which was the only thing I had in the diaper bag.

It was beautiful! There is something so uplifting about being in nature. It’s so peaceful and serene. We walked along the trail and were in awe at how breathtaking it was. Tall, tall trees with sunlight poking through. It was nice and cool in the shade of those trees and we had a great time soaking in nature’s beauty.

Southern California Vacation

In April, Brett, Lily and I drove down to Orange, California for a week long vacation with Brett’s family. I was excited and nervous because I wasn’t sure how Lily would do on the drive and not having a schedule like she does at home, but she did great! I sat in the back of the car with her so I could keep her happy. I passed her snacks, toys, and I fed her food from those pouches (wonderful for traveling!!) the whole way down. She fell asleep twice and slept for 30 minutes both times.

just woke up!

When we got there, everyone was already in the pool so we threw on our swimsuits and introduced Lily to swimming for the very first time. She loved it! She kicked her legs and splashed all over.

Later in the week, we took a video of her swimming:

We took a cousins picture that night.

Also that night, Kelly and Grant announced their engagement! They will be married in the Kansas City Temple this August 4th! Congratulations to them. We love them both and are excited for their special day!

We went to Disneyland while we were down there and once again, Lily was great! We decided to come to the park after her morning nap because we thought she would last longer if we let her take one of her usual 2 naps. We got to the park around noon and met up with the family at Jedi Training. Lincoln was participating in the training and even got to fight Darth Vader himself! It was awesome.

"the force is strong in this one!"

We also met up with an old friend from college, Jon-Michael. It was so fun to see him and catch up a bit on the last 4 years of our lives.

I nursed Lily in Disney’s Baby Center (my sister-in-law told me about this and it is truly awesome! They have a private area to nurse and everything!) and then we met up with the Giles in line to see the Princesses. Unfortunately, Lily had reached her limit at that point and was breaking down because she was so tired. But, she managed to push through and see the Princesses.

sleepy Lily

We saw Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Snow White and Mulan. It was so cute to see Ellie talk with the Princesses. Lily just stared at them.

Lily got to meet Mickey Mouse too. She had fun on the rides she went on, including Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, the train, Finding Nemo and It’s a Small World. Her favorite, by far, was It’s a Small World. I don’t think she blinked the whole ride. This wiggly little baby sat totally still and stared at everything. Seeing Lily’s little face on that ride was my favorite part of the day.

Brett and I rode Star Tours while Karen took Lily to watch the parade and have some dinner. Lily almost fell asleep while eating and ended up falling asleep on Karen’s shoulder during the super loud parade!

The next day, we all went to the beach. I was really excited to see how Lily would react to the sand. She loved it! She was happiest when she was touching or eating it. She deliberately put her face in the sand more than once. It was so fun to see how happy she was just playing in the sand and talking to herself.

The next day, Lily decided she wanted to crawl. After practicing for a long time and watching her cousins, she decided she was ready to take on the world!

We also went to California Adventures during our week-long stay. Lily watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and she got to ride on Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc, and Toy Story twice. She even sampled some yummy sourdough bread at the Boudin’s ride. She was such a good baby and took a nap in her stroller when she got tired. She even stayed awake for the World of Color show in the evening, which was fantastic.

The next day, we took some family pictures.

It was a wonderful family vacation.

Fairytale Town

Brett doesn’t have a whole lot of memories from his childhood, but one thing he remembers is going to a little place in Sacramento called Fairytale Town. Last time we went to Sacramento, Grandma and Grandpa took us back. We had a great time there! Brett loved reliving his childhood while bringing his own child there to share in the fun.

8 months old

My sweet baby is 8 months old today.

Lily is so good at sitting up! She has a solid base and she can sit for a long time!

She also has 2 teeth now!

Lily loves to kick her legs when she is happy or excited. She is very curious about everything around her and likes to learn new things. She makes this adorable face when she’s concentrating on something new:

She loves to “read” her books and play with her toys. This little darling is almost crawling. She pushes up to all fours everyday and rocks back and forth. I think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Lily is her Daddy’s princess and her Mommy’s angel. We love her so much. Every night when we check on her cute sleeping face, we always feel so blessed to have her.

And lastly, here is a side-by-side picture of me, Lily and Brett as babies. We’re all within a month of each other’s ages.

Who do you think she looks like? I think she looks so much like the both of is. I see things that look just like Brett and other things that look just like me. I love her so much. I can’t believe 8 months have gone by already. They have been the hardest, sweetest, most amazing, difficult but absolutely the best 8 months of my life.

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend as a family. Brett “worked from home” on Friday which meant we all went for a walk to the local feed store to look at the baby chicks. Lily loved to watch them all scurrying around looking fluffy and adorable. On Saturday, we went to an Easter egg hunt that a family at church hosted. We had such a fun time!

hunting for some eggs

found one with Daddy!

snuggling in

Easter Sunday was so much fun! When Lily woke up from her morning nap, we got her dressed in her Easter dress and started the photoshoot! Lily was a happy baby and loved getting an Easter basket.

It was a lovely Easter, but Lily wasn’t very happy after church. She was tired, but wouldn’t sleep.

haha! obviously, not feeling very happy!

My sweet little 7 month old

Baby Lily turned 7 months old on March 17th. I think I thought she would always stay 6 months old, but she keeps on growing! She is a good baby and life with her just keeps getting better and better.

At 7 months, Lily has started to push up onto all fours in preparation for crawling. She likes to be on her belly now and wiggle all around. She can rotate and scoot around in a circle and sometimes, even backwards. She also likes to sit up like a big girl and bite on her toys. This little 7 month old just started getting her first tooth! On Sunday, she was yawning at church and Brett said “Either that spot on her gums is a spit bubble or she is getting her first tooth!” so we started digging around her mouth and found a tiny white tooth poking through. It looks so small! We hugged her and kissed her and said “poor baby!” because she has been so fussy and now we know why. Lily also started babbling and saying “a-ba-ba-ba-ba.” It is really the cutest thing ever.

Lily loves to eat. Her favorite foods are rice cereal, pears, prunes, peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas, which is a shocker since she didn’t like it the first time we gave it to her. Now, I can’t shovel it in fast enough! The food she hates the most is green beans. She will take one bite and make the cutest face of disgust and refuse to eat anymore. Sometimes, I have to trick her by dipping it in to a fruit first before I give it to her. We still have lots of foods to introduce to her, but so far she’s liked everything except for those bad green beans.

Lily loves, loves, loves her Daddy. As soon as she sees Brett, her face lights up, she smiles really big and starts to coo at him. He makes her laugh like no one else can. They have so much fun together. She is definitely a Daddy’s girl!

But she still loves her Mommy.

Lily was being silly in the Jumperoo yesterday, dancing around and sticking her tongue out. She just barely started sticking her tongue out yesterday and I think it is so funny!

I’m so enchanted with this girl! It seems like there is so much development just about to burst right out of her. It’s been so much fun to watch her learn, play and interact with her toys, “talk,” sit up, and begin to develop a personality. I’m so grateful for this sweet baby! Just don’t grow up too fast, my darling!


Lily meets rice cereal

Lily turned 6 months on Friday the 17th and Brett and I could hardly wait to start her on solids. We put the high chair together, got some rice cereal and let her have her first bite of “real” food. She didn’t love it. And we loved her reaction.

Here’s the first video:

And the second half:

Enjoy! We sure did! Can’t wait to give her a vegetable tomorrow!

6 months old

Lily Belle is 6 months old today. It’s crazy to me that 6 months ago, that little peanut was born weighing just 6 pounds 9 ounces. Now, she is a whopping 17 pounds and is 25 inches long. We just visited the doctor yesterday for her check-up and he said she is doing great! He was impressed at how well she can sit up by herself and at her sleeping skills. She has been sleeping through the night (9-10 hours) about half of the time. The other half the time she wakes up once to eat. Poor Lily has had a bit of a cold these past few days, but the doctor said she should be just fine. Her lungs were clear, her ears looked good and she didn’t have a fever. She might just be crabby pants until she gets better.

poor sick baby who is still precious. yes you can admire those adorable shorts!

I love the age Lily is right now. She has been doing so many fun things. She interacts with her toys more: holding them, reaching for them, biting them, shaking them, pushing buttons, etc. She looks up at me and smiles while she is playing and sometimes even squeals with happiness. Her coordination is improving everyday. She can pick up her binky and bite the sides of it and then put it in her mouth when she wants it. Lily smiles all the time, especially when she sees her Daddy come home from work. She’ll lean towards him, touch his scruffy face and then look back at me with a big grin on her face. It’s the cutest thing.

I know this picture has nothing to do with what I just talked about, but I think she is still adorable!

Lily is ticklish on her neck, which is sometimes hard to get to, but she will laugh and laugh when you do. It’s so fun and totally addicting. I always want to make her laugh so I can hear her cute baby squeals. She also laughs at peek-a-boo and if you fake a sneeze and say “aaaah-chooo!” Lily loves to blow raspberries and spit everywhere. I think she is really proud of this one.

Lily is starting to get a lot of hair, even enough to hold a bow!


Lily loves to hold and bite her toes every chance she gets


Lily is such a good baby. She just keeps getting better all the time. I think back to the colicky, refluxy, gassy days and I wonder how in the world I ever got through them. They were so hard. What amazes me more is that Lily is such a happy baby now considering the rough patch she just went through. I wouldn’t trade any of it for one minute. I am so happy to go through the hard days and love her all the more now. Now that I have Lily, I wonder what I ever did before she came. She and Brett are my life and I couldn’t be happier having the two of them to love.