2 months

We’ve been in Brooklyn for 2 months now. A lot has happened since then. The apartment is finally getting into better shape, but we still have boxes lying around and major organization to get through. That being said, the apartment is good enough for visitors, so come visit!

We really love where we are in Carroll Gardens. The tree-lined streets and brownstones are so full of character. The brownstones are at least 100 years old. Think about what life was like 100 years ago! I love to think about that as I am walking down the streets living in the same place they did. Lily loves her life here. I let Lily walk instead of ride in her stroller to the park around the block from us today. She loves to go on walks and I love to see her so interested in everything around her. She is so proud of herself when she goes on these walks, she stops and says hi to anyone we pass and often blows kisses to them too. As we got closer to the park and she saw the big slide, she screamed with delight and started walking faster. She had a great time chasing pigeons, going down the slide and swinging. She has adapted so well to life here.

I have come up with a few routines that I do every week. For example, laundry. Before I moved here, doing laundry was just sorting the colors and throwing in the washer/dryer in my apartment. Here, I haul 2 Ikea bags of clothes, Lily and a diaper bag down 3 flights of stairs to where we keep our stroller, put Lily in, put the laundry bags on each handle, wear the diaper bag and walk 2 blocks to the laundromat where I load the clothes in the washer. Now I have 30 minutes of down time. Sometimes, I go to the bakery at the end of the block and get a treat for Lily and me, or walk another block further to Farmacy, a cute little 50′s themed ice cream parlor and soda fountain for a treat to share with Lily. If we do get a treat, we eat it outside so Lily can watch all the action going on out there. After the treat, we walk a couple more blocks to the grocery store and pick up a few things there. After that, it’s time to put the clothes in the dryer so we go back to the laundromat. Then, we go back home, climb the flights of stairs with Lily and the groceries and unload them. We have about 30 minutes at home before we go back out to pick up the clothes from the dryer. I do that 2-3 times a week. I go grocery shopping about 3-5 times a week too. If I went less frequently and bought more, I wouldn’t be able to carry it up the stairs. About twice a month, I go to Costco which requires getting a cab. I love these days. It’s so nice to ride in a car and have them take Lily and me somewhere quickly. Lily loves a taxi ride because she doesn’t have to sit in a car seat so she gets to stand up and look at everything.

We love having visitors. My mother and father-in-law, my parents and a friend have already come visited us. Next week, we get to have 2 more friends come stay with us. My mother and father-in-law are coming back for another visit in November. After that, there is vacancy in the Peterson hotel, so book a flight and enjoy the sights of NYC. We have 2 airbeds, a couch and a free early-morning wake-up call in the form of a sweet baby who would love to jump on you. haha.

Life here is so different than anything I have ever experienced. In some ways, more difficult. In many ways, more fun. But what shocked me the most is that life here with a baby is totally livable! The more challenging things just become a part of my life and then it doesn’t bother me anymore (like laundry).  It’s amazing what you can do when you have to do it.

Here are some fun pictures we’ve taken over the past 2 months.

Our street

Brett starting school


Lily is developing her climbing skills.

messy eater!

Lily pulled the Cheerios off the pantry shelf, opened the box, reached way down in the bag and pulled out a few handfuls. At least I know she won’t go hungry. ha!

having a tear after falling and bonking her head

so mischievous!

with Nana and Pop

posing cutely at Pier 6 park

Lily and me with a beautiful friend of mine and her beautiful baby

with Grandma and Grandpa outside of Farmacy

love this beautiful babe!

3 thoughts on “2 months

  1. I have been waiting to hear how it’s going! I think often about what it might be like to live there because Adam’s company is based out of NYC. We travel there often to see my brother in law. The grocery thing would be so hard for me, because I hate it when I am making a recipe and I don’t have an ingredient on hand.. Thus the overkill of groceries I buy. I am glad to see you are adjusting. Not that I am surprised.. you are always cheerful no matter what. If this was my post I would probably have the glass is half empty outlook. Keep up the posts!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you are blogging all your fun adventures in the big city!! Lily seriously is getting so big – walking to the park?! How cute is that? We miss you guys!!

  3. Loved reading this!!!!!!!! Having now walked to all of these places with you, I know where you are and what you are doing. Brings me peace of mind! It was so great to be with you and to see the great place in Brooklyn where you all happily live. Thanks for helping create so many wonderful and lasting memories! LOVE YOU ALL! Dad

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