My Silly One-year-old Lily

In the past year, Lily has gone from a wee little 6 pound babe to a 21+ pound toddler. She went through colicky times, endured acid reflux, achieved milestones like holding her head up (we thought that was such a big deal! haha!), rolling over, smiling, laughing, giggling, pushing up to all 4s, sitting up, crawling, climbing, waving, standing, dancing, walking assisted by our hands and even took a few steps on her own!. Lily also learned how to “talk.” She started with a few squeaks and eventually learned a few words. She likes to say yeaaaah, hi, buh-bye, dis (for this), dat (for that), ahm (for food), Mama and Da-da. She also calls him Dah, Dee, Daddy and even once threw them together and said “hi Dah!” Dah’s little heart melted right then and there. Lily understands so much now. It’s so fun to say “where’s Daddy?” and watch her look for and find her Daddy.

Lily is a little mimic and likes to imitate the sounds we make. She also likes to be where the action is and see everything that’s going on. She loves to be with her Mommy and has a little separation anxiety when I leave the room. Lily loves to eat, but she is sometimes a picky eater. When I present a new food to her and she isn’t too sure about it, she will sometimes greet it with her lips pushed out. She likes to “share” her food with you and fully expects you to lean over and pretend to take a bite. When she is done eating, she’ll start pulling her hair, putting food in her hair, putting her food-covered fingers in her ears, or just start chucking it off the high chair. But Lily still loves her food and it doesn’t matter if she has just eaten a huge meal, as soon as she notices someone else is eating something, she will crawl over, saying “ahm!” and start begging for a taste.

Lily is a very social baby. She loves other people and other babies. She loves to try to get people’s attention on the subway. She’ll point at the person or say hi and wave until they look at her. Once they look at her, she’ll give them little shy smiles. At church last Sunday, she sat next to a little boy a few weeks younger than Lily and was laughing hysterically at the silly things he was doing.

Anyone who knows Lily knows she is not a quiet baby. Sometimes, she’ll just scream because she wants to scream. Just this morning, she was playing on the floor, then got up on her knees and started yelling. She wasn’t mad, or needing attention, she was just playing with the different sounds her voice can make. She makes the most hilarious sounds when she is talking and playing in her crib before she falls asleep. Brett and I just look at each other and laugh at how silly she is.

Lily loves to read her books! We read them everyday. Lily is also very snuggly, but usually not towards us. She’ll snuggle soft blankets, stuffed animals, even bath squirters but we’ve got to work for our snuggles. We have to try to steal them when she is too sleepy to push us away. Same goes with kisses. She gives Daddy more kisses than me, but she gives pictures in her books of babies or animals more kisses than Daddy. Lily loves stuffed animals and her favorite is a little puppy we got at Ikea for her birthday. As soon as she sees it, she smiles, laughs and lunges for it and then rolls around the floor snuggling it. She drags it around with her everywhere she goes. We were teaching Lily that a puppy says “woof, woof, woof” and now she says “woo-woo-woo” anytime she sees a dog on the street or a picture of a dog in a book. Actually, she’ll start pointing and saying “woo-woo-woo” to anything in a book that looks similar to a dog. She has labeled raccoons, baby cougars, coyotes, and cows as “woo-woo-woos.”  Sometimes we’ll ask her where puppy is and she’ll start looking for him, and then saying “woo-woo-woo” when she finds him. It’s so cute to see her starting to associate sounds with animals.

Here is a youtube video of Lily being snuggly (and tickly).


Lily started doing this funny new thing we call the twisty, where she will grab her belly and twist back and forth. The bottom half of her stays completely still. It’s so funny. Sometimes, she pats her belly and we think that is funny too. We’ve been singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed” to Lily and now she starts shaking her little pointer finger when we get to the “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” part. I love seeing that tiny, scolding finger.

Video of Lily doing 5 Little Monkeys.

For her birthday, we took her to the Brooklyn Zoo in Prospect Park. She had a fun time watching the Sea Lions (who were from California!) do some tricks for their food. After the zoo, Lily rode her first carousel. She looked so proud of herself sitting up on the horse and holding on to the pole. She did great during the ride and was as happy as could be. We also took her to the park close to our apartment to swing in the swings since it’s one of her favorite things to do. For dinner that night, Lily ate some delicious New York pizza and then she saw the cake. She knew it was for her. It was so cute to watch her enjoy her cake before getting straight in the bath. Lily is silly in her baths sometimes. Before we got the grippies to put in the tub, Lily was slipping and sliding from one end of the tub to the other. She was having the time of her life being slippy. I also love it when she lays on her belly, looks at one of her toys and kicks her legs in the water.

Like I mentioned earlier, Lily likes to dance! Here is a funny video of her dancing.

It was a lovely day for a lovely girl. It’s been one amazing year full of ups and downs and overwhelming love for my little baby. I’ve loved watching Lily grow this past year and I’m excited to see her learn more things as she grows older. I love you, Lily Belle!

My sweet little baby!

my sweet little girl!

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  1. This melted me. I have to go back and watch the videos, but I loved reading the entire thing and seeing these beautiful pictures! Thank you Sarah for sharing! What a beautiful family you have!

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