Life in the Big Apple

We’ve been living in New York now for 2 weeks. It’s been a very fun and busy 2 weeks. We’ve unpacked a little and played a whole lot more. We’ve been to Manhattan twice (Brett three times), Lily had a birthday, we went to the Brooklyn Zoo, rode on a carousel, went to Ikea, grocery shopped almost daily, we’ve done lots of laundry, and unpacked a box here and there. Life in New York is very different than life anywhere else I have lived. Life in California was laid back, comfortable, and easy. Life here is more fast-paced but really fun. They are totally different. And totally lovable in their own ways.

Before I moved out here, I was nervous about having to walk everywhere for everything but that has surprisingly been one of my favorite things about living here. Lily LOVES to be outside. Seriously, as soon as I open the door she starts screaming excitedly and kicking her legs. So she loves to go out and run errands with me a few times a day.¬†Things that are in walking distance (a mile or less) from our apartment include a few small grocery stores, Trader Joe’s (that’s at the edge of the one mile radius), the Subway, a few great parks, laundromats and tons of really delicious restaurants we’ve already taken advantage of.¬†And that’s another thing I love about New York. Almost everything delivers!

I also love the people here. We live in a lovely, quiet (by New York standards) neighborhood with trees lining the streets and gardens in front of everyone’s Brownstone walk-ups. It’s like I’m living on Sesame Street. I love seeing all the beautiful trees and gardens. It’s so refreshing. People are so nice too! They will nod, say hi or greet you in some way as you pass them on the streets. They smile at Lily and she gives shy smiles back. We have a very nice old Italian neighbor who likes to sit on the steps of his Brownstone and talk with people as they pass by. He is very indicative of the kinds of people who live here: friendly and sweet.

Brett has been home with us these past 2 weeks and it has been SO great to have him here. Lily especially loves it as she calls for him and looks for him after every nap. It also makes getting around much easier when I have a helper. Subways are hard with babies and strollers. I haven’t found the best technique yet. Should I just pick up the whole stroller and carry it up the millions of stairs? Should I get Lily out and carry the empty stroller? Should I go backwards and inch the stroller up each stair? That wouldn’t be so bad, except that my stroller’s brakes lock the wheels as soon as I try to get up one stair and then it’s much harder to get up the stairs with wheels that are locked. So the Subway is still hard for me, but I’m open to suggestions!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment:

first carousel ride on her first birthday

storytime with Daddy

my little Brooklynite

having fun organizing the bathroom box

Little Mischievous Lily climbed on top of that bin to get the Teddy Grahams, opened them and then feasted on a few.

One thought on “Life in the Big Apple

  1. So glad to see your update and hear that you are liking your new big-city life. I hope everything continues to go smoothly as you get settled and Brett goes to school. Miss you guys!

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