11 months old

Lily turns 11 months old today. I can’t believe she is so big already and that in just one short month, she will be one whole year old! She is such a good and happy baby. She has handled all the changes in her tiny life so well.

In the past month, Lily has learned lots of fun new things. She learned how to clap just a few days after she turned 10 months. I got a video of her doing it for the very first time:


Lily learned how to do “so big” by raising her hands up over her head. Sometimes, she does it while she is eating and gets tons of food in her hair. It’s so funny!

Lily also learned how to make 2 new faces.
I love it.
Lily loves to go for rides, especially in wagons or in someone’s arms.
Lily started standing up and balancing herself for a few seconds. It’s so cute to see such a short person standing there. She started cruising along the furniture and she even started trying to climb. She learned how to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen and likes to pull everything out before she is caught. One of Lily’s new favorite things to do is to go “walking” around with someone holding her hands. She looks so proud of herself. Lily also loves to play and try new things.
She will often tilt her head back and do a scream-laugh showing all 4 of her teeth.
Lily also added waving, saying “bye-bye” and dancing to her list of tricks. She loves to be silly and make us all laugh!

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