10 Months Old

Lily turned 10 months old on June 17th. I know, I’m 10 days behind on this post, but I still wanted to write about my little sweetie. I still can’t believe she is 10 months old. I feel like I just got used to saying she was 9 months old and now I have to say 10.

She has been learning so much so fast. In the past month, she has learned how to crawl even faster, climb up the stairs, pull up to stand on anything and loves to climb on top of things so she can be “tall.”

caught ya!

caught ya again! she pulled out 14 tissues in about 2 seconds

She also says momma and dah. It’s so cute! She calls Brett Dah, A-dah, and Dee and her face just lights up into a huge grin when she sees Brett. It’s sweet how much she loves her Daddy.

She also started pointing with her pointer finger and it’s really quite adorable. What a tiny finger! Lily laughs so much more now. She is really a happy baby. She squeals and screams and sometimes even giggles. It just makes us go overboard trying to make her laugh everyday. Since she turned 9 months old, we got the go-ahead to give her any food we are eating (except for honey until she is 1 yr old). And now, Lily loves to feed herself, even if that means taking food out of her mouth to look at it, squish it, and then put it back in. She is really good at picking up food with her fingers and putting it in her mouth. Lily also learned how to drink out of a straw.

look at all the peas in her mouth!

She has 3 teeth that have broken through the gums and one more that will bust through any day now. She has the bottom two and now one on top. It’s right next to the top, middle ones that haven’t come through yet. She likes to stick out her tongue to feel them.


Lily learned how to stand up in her crib, which set her back on sleeping. She was too excited in her crib to sleep! I had to re-sleep train her so she would take naps again.

Her hair is getting longer and thicker. It’s starting to have some curl to it in the back. I love it so much.

Lily loves to read books. She has gotten really good at turning the pages. She holds her thumbs on the edge of the book and pulls it apart to open the pages. If I’m reading to her, she gets her little hand on the next page and turns it really quickly. She is also good at flipping the corner pages like she’s looking at a flip book. Lily weighs 20 pounds and fits into 12 month clothes perfectly. I started buying her 12-18 month clothes now. She is already starting to slim down from all the crawling and pulling up to standing that she is doing.

Since we’ve been packing for our big move, I sometimes needed a place to put Lily for just a few minutes while I threw something in a box or taped it up. Luckily, we had a huge bin that we called her “play bin.” She was cute and happy in there.

We visited my sister-in-law who has an adorable kitchen set for her kids to play in. I couldn’t resist posing Lily for a few shots.

My baby is growing up! I’m starting to tell myself that I can’t call her baby much longer because she is almost not a baby anymore! She’ll be one whole year in just 2 months! How did that happen? When she was a tiny baby, every day seemed so long and she seemed to stay tiny for a long time. Now, it seems like time is flying and she is growing up so quickly. I still like to go to check on her every time she is sleeping just so I can see her sweet baby face. I love that little girl!

5 thoughts on “10 Months Old

  1. I LOVE your posts! and I really love that baby of yours. Especially her silly face when she’s getting caught with the tissues! So cute! Can’t wait to see you guys in just a week!

  2. What a precious treasure…we can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks and get to hold Lily again! She is so beautiful!!! Your posts are so informative! Love, Dad

  3. Love the posts! Love the pictures! We will miss you so much. Hope you have a wonderful adventure! And, I can hope you come back to CA sometime!

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