2 months old

Lily is 2 months old today and still quite the cutie!

The poor girl has been battling gas, acid reflux and all the other difficulties of being a 2 month old. It has made for some tears from more than one person in this household on the not-so-good days. But we always make it through the days and nights. Then cute Lily greets us with smiles and coos in the morning and you forget how hard it was the night before. We love to see her learning and progressing. She is more alert during the day which means more playtime, tickle time and tummy time, although she does hate tummy time. Here are some pictures of our sweet Lily:

little smile


We love this girl!

Lily, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:

-I love your adorable sleepy face when I lay you down to sleep

-I love how you smile and laugh in your sleep. I wonder what you think is so funny.

-I love how you calm down once you see me coming to get you from your crib

-I love it when you fall asleep on my shoulder

-I love the smiles and coos you have recently rewarded me with

-I love it when you are wiggly and kick your legs and flail your arms (except when you do this while crying, then I don’t love it as much)

-I love how you put your arm around my neck and “hug” me when I pick you up.

-I love how you are interested in the world around you

-I love to watch you play with your Daddy–so sweet!

-I love how you grunt and squeak in your sleep

-I love it when you stretch your tiny body as big as you can, but you are still so small!

-I love your chubby, chubby cheeks! I just want to kiss them and bite them everyday!

-I love your tiny hands and feet, and your adorable frog belly

-I love that you are such a funny little girl with all your facial expressions and silly things you do

-I just love YOU, Lily Belle!


Lily’s blessing

Lily was blessed at church on September 25th, 2011. We were so grateful for the family that could make it to this special event. We know it was a sacrifice to get out here, but we really appreciated it.

Lily hates getting dressed in the morning, and the morning of her blessing was no exception. She was crying real tears at the trauma of having to wear a white onesie, white dress, white ruffle panties and a white bow.

all dressed...finally!

Poor Lily just needed some comfort. She fell right to sleep in the car ride over. I carried her in on her first Sunday at church in our building. Brett blessed Lily that morning with many wonderful things. Both our dads, Brett’s grandpa, Ashley’s boyfriend, Danny (now fiance!!) and the Bishop stood in the circle with him. Among other things, he blessed her to have a desire to seek out her talents and to develop them, to be optimistic, to follow the example of her mother and be kind and loving to those around her (I started crying!), to be full of integrity, to find good friends that will be supportive of one another, to have a sharp mind and desire to learn and gain knowledge, to be faithful to the covenants she will make, to discover for herself that the church is true and gain a testimony of her Savior, and to be blessed to find a husband who will love her and cherish her for her virtue and testimony. 

After he finished the prayer, he held up Lily for the congregation to see her looking so adorable in her dress. Lily must have known it was her time to shine because she raised both hands and opened her eyes to greet everyone. It was hilarious. After the first hour, we went outside and took some family pictures before we had everyone over to our apartment for a brunch.

the Grandmas

the Grandpas

happy family


proud papa


all the family that could make it to the blessing


cute Lily

It was really a beautiful day. Not only did Brett bless Lily with wonderful qualities and traits, but we got to share that special moment with our family. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came to the blessing and brunch. It was a day I will never forget. A day filled with happiness and love.