Brett and I walked outside the other day and saw this staring right back at us:


It’s kind of hard to see, but up in the corner is a dove sitting on a nest. Brett and I would see her or her mate out and about bringing twigs and other random things to their nest. Then I realized that we are both doing the same thing: nesting. Good luck little mommy-to-be bird! And please don’t attack me as I walk by you everyday.


Hello friends. Sorry I have been MIA for some time now. Since I last posted, Brett and I camped in Yosemite, sifted for gold in Sacramento, flew to Hawaii for a babymoon, I went home for my sister’s high school graduation, we enjoyed our 3rd consecutive year at Makerfaire, I finished the baby quilt (and now I need to make a girly one…), and what else? Oh yeah, we moved into a new apartment. Again I apologize for the major delay in posts. As you can see, there are fun and exciting things to tell you about! Here is a little tease of my next post: