BYU Graduation

Just two weeks ago, Brett and I flew to Provo, Utah for my college graduation from Brigham Young University. Since I finished last October, I received my diploma in the mail at the beginning of this year. When I held that beautiful diploma in my hand, I couldn’t help but tear up a bit. After all, my BYU dream had come true. I never imagined how much more emotional it would be to actually walk in my graduation at BYU this past April.

I can’t thank both of my families enough for being there to support me. I kind of wondered if they thought I was foolish for wanting to go back to BYU to walk in my graduation when I already had my diploma, but they came to support me anyway!  I felt inadequate or undeserving of all the positive attention I was receiving and I can only express the sincere gratitude and love I feel towards them all. Thank you for coming!

Driving through Provo and seeing where my college life began was almost overwhelming. I shamelessly cried many times during graduation weekend. (I like to blame it on the pregnancy hormones). It might seem silly to be tearing up about a dorm room, or apartment complex, or the BYU Creamery, or the Harold B. Lee Library, but that is where my adult life really began. That is where my relationship with my sweet husband flourished and that is where I started to love learning. Memory after memory floated through my head as I saw familiar buildings and landmarks. Standing in my cap and gown in the Marriot Center on BYU campus, while I waited for my name to be read was a moment I will never forget. I looked up into the immense crowd of people and saw my family waving frantically at me. It was worth it. All the sweat and tears (and trust me there were tears!) when I was struggling in school was worth it. At that moment, I had come full circle. I was standing where it all began, and I will never forget that feeling.

Again, I want to thank everyone who loved and supported me during my schooling process. I truly could not have done it without you. Especially, my husband Brett. He was my biggest fan and never stopped encouraging me to finish.