It’s a GIRL!


Brett and I are so excited to announce that we are having a baby girl! We wanted to tell everyone immediately, but we thought it would be special to share the good news with our family members first when we saw them for graduation weekend. It was SO HARD not to say “she” or”her” when referring to the baby or to just shout out “WE”RE HAVING A GIRL!” to everyone who walked by me, but somehow I managed to keep it in. The week before we left, I went to work sewing tiny baby shoes in pink or floral fabric. Inside the baby shoes were little pink bags filled with pink M&M’s and a piece of paper that proclaimed “It’s a girl!” Tied to the top of the bag was a tiny, pink, plastic binky. I thought it turned out pretty cute:

We wrapped them in white gift bags and white tissue paper, handed them out to everyone, got their last minute guesses and then told them to tear into their presents for the big reveal! It was so fun! Then we called family and told them of the good news before rushing off to more graduation things.

Brett and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some pics from our ultrasound done on April 11th, 2011.


you can see her little hand in her adorable face

this is my favorite picture of her because that is her FOOT in her face! Her big toe is touching her eyebrows! So cute!


And this is me at 22 weeks. on Sunday I will be starting my 6th month!

Brett in Boston

Brett is in Boston this week. He is having fun but missing home. He had to take a red eye flight that he didn’t get any sleep on and then went straight to work when he got there. The poor thing was so exhausted last night! As for me, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by starting and finishing new projects, doing blog posts, and cleaning up the apartment. I also go for walks on these glorious 80 degree sun-shiny-weather days we’ve been having here. I spy on adorable puppies outside my window, (seriously, with binoculars. haha.), eat food all day long and at random times since I have no schedule now, go to the pool, read books and waste time on Facebook.

Yesterday on my walk, I saw three adorable TINY yorkies! They were running together shoulder-to-shoulder around the grass, jumping together, frolicking together, playing and biting each other and barking at everything. One of them was even wearing a tiny shirt!!! It was absolutely adorable. I thought about texting Brett immediately to tell him of my good fortune, but then I remembered he was sleeping since it’s 3 hours later on the East coast than it is here. I wished I could have taken a picture of them but I am way not sneaky enough for that.

Today, I went to San Francisco to Old Navy because they were supposed to be having a big sale and I had a coupon. I was successful! I found 2 maternity shirts and a swim-suit cover-up since mine from last year…doesn’t fit and bulges out at weird places. I also found a pair of shorts for Brett and a t-shirt in a color that will be adorable on him. I can’t wait to show him on skype tonight.

My belly is huge. Well, still not that huge. My dentist this morning said “Where is the belly? I don’t see it!” I laughed and then immediately started to feel guilty and worry that I am not gaining enough weight. I’m sure I have nothing to worry about since I will probably gain weight fast and furious from here on out, but I will ask the doctor next week. Next week! That’s when we find out if our baby is a boy or a girl! I can’t wait. But! I do apologize in advance because we have decided to wait until we see our parents in Utah for graduation to tell them (and everyone else) what the sex is. Sorry you have to wait another week! But we thought it would be more fun if we could tell them in person.

What next? Well here, take a look at these pictures:

My latest apron. It's also my favorite. I love the pattern so much! I'm going to try to sell this one. Let me know if you want it! ;)

I took a quilting class at church and this is what I am making! Please excuse all the pins on the quilt. I haven't done the fun part and quilted it together yet. I'll post a picture of that when it gets done. Oh and please don't think that because the quilt is blue that I have a clue as to what I am having...I don't!

And here is me today. 19 weeks and 2 days along. I am now "leading" with my belly. Little baby is in there!! Can't wait to see it on Monday.

Happy Tuesday!


Being pregnant has been an interesting experience so far. It has been difficult sometimes, like when I couldn’t keep anything down in the first trimester, but overall there are so many things that I enjoy about pregnancy. I’m sure I will probably write a post about all the things I hate about pregnancy when I am closer to my due date, but as of right now here are some things I like:

1. Feeling the baby move! I just started feeling the little creature a week ago. I was sitting at the computer and I felt this gentle push down below my bellybutton. I turned to Brett and told him that I thought I just felt the baby and his face was so cute! He was so excited! We called our parents and told them and they were ecstatic of course. Now throughout the day I’ll feel this little flutter and I love it because it’s a real reminder that the baby is there. Before that, I only had to rely on faith that it was still there and growing. I kept wishing I could see it more often just to check in on it. Now, the baby reminds me everyday.

2. Eating whatever I want and not feeling guilty about the weight gain. It’s kind of nice to break away from the “social norms” and embrace a new body. Well, kind of. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with my body still. I look in the mirror and think “oh my gosh I look so FAT!” but then I say “but you’re supposed to be gaining weight! You’re supposed to have a belly! There’s a tiny baby in there depending on you and your weight gain.” That second part usually wins over the negativity of looking so fat, especially when I think of the little tiny baby and my heart goes all soft for it. What’s it going to be like when I actually get to hold that tiny baby?? I already cry just thinking about it. Oh and cravings? I have a few. I always want pizza and Mexican food. Not at the same time of course. But doesn’t that sound so good to you already? mmm… Oh and popsicles. Those summertime Otter Pops that are amazing and have no nutritional value. Yes, I love those! I eat probably 4 a day.

3. How I am allowed to be an emotional roller coaster. Well I kind of have mixed feelings about this one too. On one side, it makes for great stories. On the other side, I feel sorry for poor Brett. One time I was mad at him because I needed a tissue and he was standing in between me and the tissue box. Finally, I just burst into tears and yelled out “I JUST WANT A TISSUE!” and ran to the bathroom where I cried for a few minutes and then laughed because I was indeed crying over a tissue. Sensitive? Yes. When I walked out of the bathroom, Brett looked at me with an expression that clearly said “I have no idea what just went on there and I have no idea what to say or do.” It was so adorable. I apologized for being so crazy pregnant.

4. Funny pregnancy stories. Brett told me one time that I woke up him up in the middle of the night because I was patting his bum and saying “nakey bum!” when it was clearly not naked. That story still makes me laugh today. Another time, I thought I felt the baby moving (before I had actually felt it for the first time) and it turned out to be my cell phone vibrating against my stomach. I was a little eager, I guess.

5. Sharing the experience with others. Before I got pregnant, I thought it would be best to go through pregnancy on my own. That way I could hide in my apartment when I was huge and hideous and no one would have to see me. But it turns out that a lot of my friends are pregnant at the same time that I am and it’s been so much fun talking with them about their pregnancies, plans for baby gear and of course the adorable baby at the end of our journey.

6. Having something to blame everything on. Crying in the middle of a commercial (or because I want a tissue, or after reading a story about motherhood…)? Oh that’s because I’m pregnant. Wanting random food items like breadsticks at 11pm? Pregnancy! Wanting to take a nap or go to bed at 9pm? Pregnancy! Forgetting the name of everyday items and feeling so scatter-brained? Pregnancy again! Not being able to figure out a 15% tip? Pregnancy…or maybe just a bad math day…no, definitely pregnancy!

Overall, it is quite interesting to be pregnant and experience symptoms you wouldn’t normally experience. Even if the symptoms are good or bad, it still makes it special because everything is for that tiny baby that’s growing inside you. I’ve also been grateful that my pregnancy has not been nearly as bad as I was expecting. I think it was because I thought I was going to have every symptom described in all the books I was reading. But I haven’t! I’ve only been nauseas, had a few cravings, and been a little more emotional than normal. I’ve had a few headaches, but nothing bad enough to take medicine for. My pregnancy has been absolutely wonderful overall. I’m enjoying watching my body change and experiencing something that only comes to those in womanhood. It’s really amazing that I get to bring this new life into the world. I hope and pray that my pregnancy will continue to be without complications and that the baby will be healthy in the end.