And then there were 3

Brett and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our first child! I’m 10 weeks along today (Sun, Jan 30) and I am due August 30, 2011. Here is the first picture we have of our little Baby Peterson taken at the ultrasound 2 weeks ago:


They told us the heart rate was 163 beats per minute! It was so amazing to see the little baby at the ultrasound. It’s really there! It’s the strangest feeling because I can’t feel it yet, but there it was, beating its little heart, growing and living. I love it already! I’ve also really enjoyed reading books about the progress of the baby and seeing its quick developmental changes. At 10 weeks, the books say it’s the size of a prune or garden beetle (just much cuter than a prune or a garden beetle). It has tiny arms and legs and is already developing some of its major organs like lungs and kidneys. Isn’t that amazing?

We have a long way to go before little Baby Peterson is here, but we are so excited for this little one to come. We really feel so blessed.