Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf

That funny little saying that doesn’t make any sense, was the title of the very first play I have ever been in. It took a lot of encouraging from both Brett and Sheri Langlois,  a woman in our ward who was over the play, for me to audition. After I auditioned, it took a lot of encouragement for me to stay in it and not quit before the first practice! Needless to say, I was scared! For those of you who may not know my childhood, I wasn’t an entertainer like the rest of my family. I mean, I did perform in dance recitals for a few years but mostly, I had a wonderful time on the sidelines watching others do funny things and laughing at their jokes. For example, my Dad does silly dances for the family to laugh at. My brothers love to do anything crazy if people are watching them. Carmen is just naturally funny and my Mom is just so darn cute with the things she says (for example, saying “this heck of the woods” instead of “this neck of the woods”). With all these great examples, you are left to wonder where I fit in with all these entertainers. You’re about to find out.

Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf is a musical based off of the fables of Aesop. The tortoise and the hare and the boy who cried wolf are just 2 examples.

I was in the very first scene, which introduced the rest of the play. Soon after the play began, the Tortoise and the Hare engaged in their famous race, which continued throughout the play in random scenes until the finale. The Hare always teased the Tortoise, who always replied that “You gotta keep on keeping on if you want to finish the race.”

The next scene I was in was scene 5, which was “The Sun and the Wind.” Brett likes to say that I was the “star” of that scene, but actually I was the “traveler.” In this scene, the sun and the wind are having a terrible argument. The wind thinks its more powerful than the sun and the sun thinks its more powerful than the wind. They both keep fighting about who is better until finally one of them decides they should have a contest. [enter Sarah aka "the traveler"]. The sun and the wind decide that whoever can make the traveler take their coat off is the winner of the contest. The wind goes first and blows as hard as they can, but the harder the wind blew, the tighter the traveler pulled her coat around her.

Here's me being cold

Here's me being "cold"

Then, the sun tried. At first, it shined down on the traveler gently making the traveler warm. Then, the sun beat down stronger on the traveler.

The sun beating down stronger and me feeling warm

The sun beating down stronger

The traveler said to the audience “Within a few minutes, the traveler was so hot, that she took her coat right off. And from then on it was definitely agreed that kindness works better than force!”

Me saying the moral of the story

Me saying the moral of the story

In my next scene, I was part of a group of paparrazi taking pictures of the famous Hare who was beating the Tortoise in the race by a long shot. We were all fans and wanted to get as much information about him as possible and take as many pictures as we could.

(me) "Mr. Hare! Mr. Hare! What's your favorite food?!" (hare) "Why turtle soup, of course!" (me) "Turtle soup?! That's silly!"

I said: "Mr. Hare! Mr. Hare! What's your favorite food?!" The Hare said: "Why turtle soup, of course!" I said: "Turtle soup?! That's silly!"

My last scene before the finale involved a mother and her three daughters who quarreled constantly. The mother tried all she could to stop them from quarreling, but they just wouldn’t stop fighting.

The quarreling sisters

The quarreling sisters

The mother tried to teach her daughters a lesson of how they needed to stop quarreling and unite together because united they were strong, but divided they were weak. She chose a bundle of sticks to be the object of the lesson. Each daughter tried to break the bundle of sticks, but they all failed. Then, the mother handed each daughter one single stick from the bundle, which each daughter broke easily. United, the sticks were strong. Divided, they were weak. Here is a video of part of the scene:
Quarreling Sisters on YouTube

Moral of the story: Stop quarreling because united we are strong, divided we are weak.

The very next scene after the Quarreling Sisters was the finale. The final scene was the end of the race between the Tortoise and the Hare. The Hare had already laid down for a nap, since he was so far in front of the Tortoise and he thought he would win the race no matter what. After all, the Tortoise was such a slow and weak creature and he was the Hare! The powerful, strong and fast Hare!

There we were at the finish line, awaiting the arrival of the winner. All of a sudden, who should cross the finish line first but the Tortoise! How unexpected! The Hare was so cunning and so much faster than the Tortoise! How did the Tortoise win? The answer is simple. The Tortoise won because even though no one believed in him, and his chances of winning were slim to begin with, his motto was always the same: “you gotta keep on, keeping on! That’s how it begins. And when you keep on keeping on, slow and steady wins!” We all sang that to the Hare who couldn’t possibly understand why he had lost and the Tortoise had won. He ran off the stage feeling sorry for himself.

The finale

The finale

Overall, it was a very fun experience to be in a play. I’m glad that Brett and Sheri encouraged me to participate, because it was good for me to do something I had never done before. Even though some of the songs and some of the scenes were a little cheesy, you still left the performance knowing that “Ya gotta keep on, keeping on! That’s how it begins. And then you keep on, keeping on! Slow and steady wins!”

Santa Cruz, March 21, 2009

One Saturday that I didn’t have play practice, Brett and I decided to take advantage of the first free Saturday in a long time and take a day trip. We drove to Santa Cruz. We had both been there before, but only to the Boardwalk, where they have all the fun rides. Brett heard about the “downtown” Santa Cruz that was supposed to be really cute so we decided to explore that part first. When we got there, we realized that the rumor was true…it was really cute! There were a bunch of little boutiques, book stores, places to eat and thrift stores! Although there was the beauty and relaxation of a beach town included in this hodge podge of boutique and thrift stores, there was a definite hippie feeling evident by the people who didn’t know the 60′s were over.

When we were hungry, we spotted some people standing in line at a walk-up pizza place. The pizza looked really good, so we decided to give it a try. Here’s a picture of the pizza place.

Rockers Pizza Kitchen

Rockers Pizza Kitchen

Then, we spotted this really old movie theater and decided we would watch a movie. We saw Coraline.


After enjoying that movie, we went back to the boardwalk where all the fun games, rides and sea lions are. We walked around the pier, but it was starting to get really windy and cold, so we decided to head home. We had such a fun time at Santa Cruz and we would definitely go back again.