Sacramento trip March 14-16

Brett and I drove up to Sacramento on March 14 after work to spend the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Rosenlof. We had a wonderful time with them! We helped around the house a bit and Brett was excited to mow the lawn in Grandpa’s “wellies.” (garden boots)

How cute!

How cute!

He also changed a light bulb with the very tall ladder and the light bulb gripper. He loved it! Grandma, Grandpa and I cheered him on from the safety of the ground.


Grandma & Grandpa took us to Old Sacramento, which was a very cute part of town.


We went to the Sacramento train museum, which was so fun! There were rooms full of the history of trains with artifacts and information to read. Then, we walked into a HUGE room full of decommissioned trains. It. Was. Awesome. Some of them were decorated on the inside to match the 1800s, when trains were beginning to be popular, and it was so fun and interesting to see the styles. In a way, it was romantic. Maybe just to me. I think the women were so beautiful in the 1800′s in their dresses, gloves and hats with their hair pinned up. I loved seeing the displays in the trains and thinking about how much fun that must have been. It was fun to see how the trains had evolved over time and how they were powered.

You could go inside some of the trains to get an even better idea of what a trip was like on a train. One of the trains you could go into rocked and had noises like a real overnight train did to give you an idea of what it was like to travel and sleep on a train. We went to the mail car of the train, which was special to Grandpa because his uncle worked in a similar mail car. We didn’t know it when we stepped up into the car, but we were in for a treat. There was a docent who worked on a mail car for about 15 years and had first hand experience with the job. He explained how and why they did the things they did. It was so fun to learn about it!

the docent and Grandpa

the docent and Grandpa

That night, we were in for another treat. Grandma & Grandpa took us to see a very fun play called “Enchanted April” at the Chatauqua theater.


Brett and I love going to the theater and seeing plays/musicals. Enchanted April was a very cute play and had a lot of Italian in it, which Brett enjoyed listening to. We really had a nice time at the play.

When Sunday afternoon rolled around, Brett and I were sad to go back home. We had had such a great time at Grandma & Grandpa’s! Luckily, we get to go again this coming weekend and we can hardly wait.

The San Jose Tech Museum

Brett and I decided to explore downtown San Jose one Saturday and we ended up going to the San Jose Tech Museum. It also happened to be the first Saturday of the month, which means free museum entry to select museums if you have a Bank of America card, which we do. We have two. One free ticket for Brett and one free ticket for me!



We had a great time exploring the Tech. They had a lot of exhibits centered on what else but technology, which you know Brett loves. One section was on computers alone. He was almost as excited as a kid in a candy store. Just kidding, but we had a lot of fun. One thing we liked was a machine that could spell your name by picking up blocks with letters on them that were scattered randomly around it. Here is a video of it:

We also stood in a not so long line for quite a long time to get our picture taken and sketched by yet another cool machine (or robot as Brett calls it). The line was taking so long because the robot could only draw one picture at a time so we all had to wait for it to draw each individual person. Not only that, but you could preview the picture before you sent the information to the robot and lets just say some people thought it was a chance to take a glamour shot and rejected about 20 of their pictures before sending the “right one” to the robot. Brett and I decided to squish ourselves into the frame and take the picture together. It turned out great!


We also pretended we were lab technicians in lab coats.img_3636

At the end of our visit, we stopped at the gift shop–who can resist taking a gander at the cool and sometimes weird/random things you can find at a gift shop? We did find some weird things, but only bought some rock candy that I spilled all over myself when I tried to eat it in the car. You might ask how someone can manage to spill rock candy all over themselves when trying to eat it…just ask Brett. He watched me do it!

Sarah’s new job

About a month ago, I nailed an awesome job at a place called Syatat Software. systat-logo

I do Human Resources work, Office Administration and a little bit of Accounting too! I work 29 hours a week and it keeps me busy. This job, along with a corresponding psychology class, will also fulfill my Senior Capstone Requirement at BYU. I am so excited! Here is a picture of me on my first day of work in the “real world.”img_3626

Ebelskivers & Karen’s Famous Dinner Roles

I know I have been a slacker where blogging is concerned, but I have been a busy girl! More to come on that later. I just wanted to post about a few things Brett and I did recently even if it is only semi-recently. Ok, it was in February. That’s recent enough, right? :)

Back in February…well it was actually towards the end of February…See? More recent then you think! Anyway, Brett and I decided it was time to try the ebelskiver mix we had received from Grandma & Grandpa Rosenlof for Christmas. So we gathered our supplies.

Our supplies. Luckily we had everything!

They turned out great! We put nutella inside them so when we bit into that warm ebelskivers, we also had the delight of tasting warm nutella. Yum! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for the mix! img_36081

Next, we decided to try making Karen’s famous dinner roles. She told us they were easy to make and I still feel new to this whole cooking thing so I thought I would give it a try. Brett of course wanted to help, which was much appreciated. Although he did start a flour war that left the floors slippery until it was cleaned up.

Sarah's Kitchen Helper. Look a that look of pure glee on his face!

Sarah's Kitchen Helper. That's a look of pure glee on his face!

How did that get there? ;) Cute bum!

How did that get there?

The rolls turned out great too. They were delicious to eat! Thank you Karen for sharing the recipe with us!

the finished product